“Most people only ever
use no more than 10%
of their mental potential... 
... I can show you how to
access the other 90%”

As an official MENTAL HEALTH ADVISOR, Gino offers MUCH MORE than just Hypnotherapy.

Yet at $60 (1st session) and $45 (follow-ups) Gino does so for MUCH LESS than anyone else.


Are you ever uncertain about where your life is going? Do you ever feel anxious or stressed?

Do you find yourself unable to cope with: other people; health problems; difficult situations; your own emotions?

Do you sometimes use harmful means (e.g. smoking/drinking/overeating/drugs) to avoid dealing with issues?

Are there events from the past that still affect your life in a negative way?

Would you like to help your own children be more successful, in school and/or sports?

"I can show YOU how to use YOUR mind to improve YOUR life".
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