B.A. (Queen’s), B.Ed. (Laurentian), Media Arts (Sheridan)
Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists

Over 25 years teaching
Over 20 years coaching
Practising Hypnotherapist since 2007

 Someone with Experience
Someone You can Trust

Specialist Certificates:

Working with Athletes

- set personal goals
- learn to relax/focus/visualize
- improve performance
- enjoy sport(s) more fully

Pediatric Hypnosis

- improve academic success
- modify negative behaviour
- reduce impact of ADD/OCD
- learn to handle stressors

Imprint Removal

- diminish impact of traumatic events
- reduce effects of bad memories
- learn: coping skills for longstanding issues
- unlearn: negative beliefs/behaviours

Past Life Regression

- a voyage of self-discovery!
- who you were affects who you are
- impact of past lives on current relationships
- learn to better "Know Thyself"!

Find Yourself
Free Yourself
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