Free Consultation- Call today for a no-obligation consultation, where your issue(s) can be discussed in complete confidentiality.

You Are Unique- Every person is unique; every problem is personal. Some issues may be straightforward; some may arise because of other, unexpected factors.

Individualized- At MindPower, each treatment program is designed to suit the client’s needs. Certain problems may be dealt with through a single hypnotherapy session; others will require a series of sessions.

Customized- In some cases, since other specialists are available to MindPower, a dual approach may be recommended, such as laser therapy plus hypnotherapy for smoking cessation or massage therapy plus hypnotherapy for sports-related difficulties. For additional information, contact:

Gino Nicodemo (B.A., B.Ed., NGH)

(519) 868-5949

Huron & Highbury Chiropractic Centre
1315 Highbury Avenue
London, Ontario N5Y 1B6

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Gino Nicodemo (B.A., B.Ed., NGH)
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