Is This Something New?

Not at all. Under different names (e.g. “trance”) hypnosis has been around for thousands of years. Hypnotherapy has been effectively used for medical/clinical purposes for over 70 years.

Is it Relaxing, like Meditation?

The first part of being hypnotized does indeed involve relaxation. However, while meditation can create overall positive feelings (like a warm light), hypnotherapy also involves  focus (like a laser beam), in order to deal with a specific issue.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

Only if one wants to be. However, studies have shown that at least 90% of  the population can be hypnotized.

Can I Be Forced to do Things?

Only in the movies. Under hypnosis, no one will ever do anything they would not do in an ordinary state. Even in stage hypnosis (where people do “silly” things), the participants are doing so knowingly , because, after all, they are the “show”!

Is it Safe?

Absolutely. All members of the NGH are held to the highest standards of training, ethics and confidentiality.

What Can it do for Me?

SOME of the areas where hypnotherapy can help:

Anger Issues - Anxiety - Assertiveness

Concentration - Coping with Illness - Eating Disorders

Fear of Failure - Insomnia - Interview Skills

Intimacy - Irrational Fears - Jealousy

Nail Biting - Organization Skills - Patience

Pressure Situations - Relaxation - Responsibility

Seasonal Affective Disorder - Self-Confidence - Self-Discipline

Self-Esteem - Stop Smoking -Weight Control

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