People are generally introduced to hypnotherapy either through a (free) group session or through an individual (complimentary) consultation. A brief hypnotic induction can be done, to familiarize people with “what it feels like”. Questions and/or concerns are addressed and a determination made, as to whether proceeding with hypnotherapy could be beneficial.


If so, at the first formal session an in-depth interview is undertaken, in order to assess the precise nature and source of the problem.  With less complicated issues, a single session at this time may suffice, in order to address the situation.


With more complex difficulties, a treatment schedule is set up. Normally, no more than three additional sessions should be required, to solve most problems. During these three sessions the client is also taught how to do self-hypnosis, in order to be able to deal independently with such issues, should they ever arise, again.


Confidentiality is completely guaranteed. However, for the client’s self-assurance, if so desired, (1) an audio recording can be made of the session and/or (2) the client may have a third party present during the session.

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